Saturday, August 17, 2013


Here is the inspiration picture

I'm not a huge fan of gold.....but I love Silver. So when I found Milani in Silver (yes, that's the only name on the bottle) I bought it, hoping to recreate this somewhat.  

Here's my manicure using Glitter A Peel by Nail Pattern Boldness, Cool Gray by Sinful Colors, A silver holo from Nails, Inc. and Silver by Milani. This pic was taken indoors.

And here's the outdoor pic....I LOVE that you can see some reflections on my hand.
Where do you get inspiration from? 


  1. Hello! I found out about your site through Nail Addicted Sisters and I wanted to thank you for sponsoring a great giveaway! You have a new follower! =)

    1. Thanks Niki ! Good luck to you in the contest :)