Friday, October 4, 2013

When you think about it, it's amazing how many affordable, pretty polishes are out there. Take Sinful Colors for example. Comes in a wide array of gorgeous colors and finishes, and affordable enough to own lots of them.

I recently purchased a couple from their Leather Luxe collection. First thing I loved about this polish was the following pictures are of ONE COAT!!!  I like to change my color often, so only having to do one coat is fine with me. Makes for easier removal and who cares if it chips after a day or two ? Please pardon the touch up on the ring finger.  I had used a bit too much glue and it dried shiny so I tried to cover it up with a bit of polish.  I need someone to now make matte glue ;)

I was also able to finally try out these gorgeous studs from Born Pretty Store. At least that's where I think they were from, haha. A friend ordered them for me in 3 different sizes. Lisa, is that where you got them from ?  I don't think the studs would have looked as nice on polish that wasn't matte. Matte/Studs - sort of goes together.