Saturday, August 17, 2013

Glitter A Peel is very appealing..............

Well, I can tell you honestly that Glitter A Peel is a must have for anyone that uses sparkles.  One nail had chipped yesterday and the polish was beginning to peel on its own so I pulled at it just a bit and had to stop myself. It felt like the entire nail would have peeled off if I continued but I wasn't ready to remove it all.

Today I sat down with my cuticle pusher and began to remove my polish......sometimes it was tough to get it started, so I used the sharper end of my cuticle pusher just to get the polish up off the nail a bit, but once I got started it came off with ease. Granted, I did not use a lot of sparkles, but I just know this would work even if I did.

I would recommend this base coat to anyone that used sparkles. I think that I just may use it for all of my polish applications.......would save my cuticles from all the polish remover.  

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