Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Just Peachy......

What's your first thought when you hear the word "peach"?  Fruit, right? That's normal, most people would say the same thing.

I'd like to bring your attention to something else you should think of when you hear the word "peach". Think of Uterine Cancer Awareness. Yes, it has it's own color - it's not pink. PEACH is a gorgeous color.  And thanks to the combined efforts of some indie polish makers and bloggers, this is just one disease that we are hoping to bring more awareness to.

Samantha Rigge of Gothic Gala Lacquers is new to the polish making world, but you'd never know it by looking at and trying out her polishes.  I told Samantha my story when I was searching for a pretty peach polish to wear. You see, I've been diagnosed with uterine cancer, twice. Most recently, I had surgery, chemo, radiation and cyber knife. The cancer has shrunk but it's still there, it will never go away. We just have to keep a close eye on it......that little fucker.

Samantha graciously decided that "Lost My Lady Bits" would be just one of the awareness polishes she would be making.  When you purchase "Lost My Lady Bits" at a cost of $9.00 a bottle, $2.00 will be donated to "Be Bold Be Bald". Polish will be available beginning September 1st at her Etsy shop, which you can find here http://www.etsy.com/shop/gothicgalalacquers.  But you don't have to wait, go now and check out her other beautiful polish. And please, let me know if you purchase a "Lost My Lady Bits" so I can personally thank you.

My polish to review arrived in the mail today and I didn't want to waste much time trying it out. This polish has a sort of fuzzy peach as a base color, pretty in itself. But then, add the copper, rose and irridescent glitters and WOW !  Not too much, just enough to make it sparkle. I absolutely LOVE this color and will be wearing it often.

I also have to commend Samantha on her packaging. What a beautiful surprise inside the box.  Multicolored shredded paper along with a multi color spiral shaped confetti - pretty ! She also includes a home made deep purple lollipop. The polish itself was wrapped in a beautiful tissue paper. She left nothing untouched by her obvious caring hands.

Thank you Samantha, I am proud of you and I thank you so much for being one of the indies to take on this challenge. I thank you all.


  1. I'm so happy I could make this for you! <3

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  3. I look forward to buying this polish! I have every one of and am in love with ALL of Samantha's polishes and she's a super sweet person too! This is an awesome line of polishes to be putting out.

    1. it sure is awesome ! and yes, she's super sweet :)

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